Working principle of the uv sterilizer is what?

by:Tepro     2020-04-19
Household uv light sterilizer principle is when water after irradiation sterilizer, to kill the bacteria, viruses and other organisms in the water. In the process will not change its physical and chemical properties, also won't produce secondary pollution, the advantages of the equipment operation is simple, is used by more and more industry. Working principle of the uv sterilizer, uv sterilizer set of optical, microbiology, machinery, electronics, fluid mechanics, such as designed on the basis of the principle of comprehensive science, with high efficiency, high strength and high life water strong uv ultraviolet germicidal lamps, when the bacteria, viruses and other water after uv irradiation, the cell structure of DNA and was damaged, cell regeneration, so as to achieve water disinfection, sterilization and purification effect. A, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment installation steps: 1, before installation domestic ultraviolet disinfector, points shall be installed to measure voltage, to stay within a 180 v to 230 v, to ensure that the electronic ballast can work normally; 2, the uv light sterilizer device is installed in a safe position, in order to avoid equipment falling damage to internal parts, more serious safety accidents; Water after 3, in and out of the hole link and correct, and then visual procuratorial household uv light sterilizer equipment each joint leakage, if there are no leaks can pass on the power supply. 2, installation and maintenance matters needing attention: 1, if the water too fast, please limit flow and pressure limiting device; 2, and often closed solenoid valve or move, please install the solenoid valve't hole; 3, household uv disinfector lamp at work, do not eyes look straight tubes; 4, hydraulic pressure more than 3 kg, please in the outlet check valve, in order to protect the quartz sleeve; 5, if the raw water turbidity add profiteer during more than 5 degrees, to ensure that the ultraviolet sterilization effect; 6, if the vertical installation, use water to slow the flow of water intake high speed, low increase ultraviolet irradiation effect; 7, use every two to three months, please remove the quartz sleeve, examine the surface fouling phenomenon, in order to determine the next clean surface of quartz tube. Ultraviolet disinfection sterilization disinfector for streaming, high speed, good effect, household uv sterilizer is small in size, light weight, less power consumption, low cost, compared with other sterilization method has significant advantages, so widely used.
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