Why is the UV disinfector``standard'' ballast?

Why is the UV disinfector``standard'' ballast?


When it comes to ultraviolet sterilizers, the first thing in the head of the big guy is the tube, the lamp, and the ballast. But do you know what the role of ballasts in ultraviolet sterilizers is, what are the points for attention in the choice of ballasts? let's take a look at them.

Tepro-Why Is The Uv Disinfector``standard Ballast

Ballast has the following two main functions:

1. produce high pressure, glow lamp break the rare gas in the lamp;

2. The lamp tube will start ballast (current-limiting) after the glow of the lamp, so that the lamp tube can work normally and stably.

The gas discharge lamp has a higher start-up voltage and a low-discharge sustain voltage. when the lamp is started by the high voltage, the voltage is reduced, the current is increased, And limiting the lamp current to stabilize certain lamps within the specified range, and the ballast may also heat (warm up) the electrodes at both ends of the lamp.


Matters need attention

1. instantaneous startup VS delay startup

Some friends think that the choice of ultraviolet lamp electronic ballast, instantaneous start is better than delayed start. In fact, when matching low power lamp, the effect is not very obvious, but when matching high power ultraviolet sterilizing lamp (such as 120W, 150W and 320W, etc.), instantaneous start-up has a great influence on the service life of ultraviolet lamp. This is because the starting current of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is very large, which is easy to break through the lamp tube, and the delayed start-up can reduce the instantaneous pressure through storage and play a better protective role on the lamp tube.

2. Choose fit

Be sure to choose the appropriate model.

Since the core function of ballast is to protect ultraviolet lamp tube, prolong the service life. If the ballast of choice does not match the lamp parameters, it is like a twisted melon-both sides are victims.

So, we suggest that you seek the help of professional suppliers to assist in the selection to achieve the best efficiency. Blind choice will bring time and money loss to enterprises. 

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