When was Tepro established?
Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.has been founded for decades. We have extensive experience in the production and sales of uv light manufacturers . In reality, we have experienced many difficulties since the inception. It takes years for us to develop our own brand and build our own sales channels. All of this contributes to the current evolving business. We are now recognized by customers around the world. We will keep on expanding our export business.

Tepro exerts strong influence in uv water sanitizer sector. The germicidal ultraviolet series is one of the main products of Tepro. We are striving forward to try to achieve the great performance of ultraviolet lamp to make it more practical for customers. It does not produce much heat - about the same as fluorescent lamps. This product becomes a hot spot among customers in the industry recently. It has a long life that is unaffected by frequency of starting.

By providing customers with high-quality products and services, TeproUV Lamps maximizes the value of our customers. Inquiry!
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