What you don’t know about UV lamps

by:Tepro     2021-05-26
Ultraviolet lamp is a disinfection artifact that every medical staff is no stranger to. However, with the continuous increase of disinfection uv water purifier equipment, and in the process of use, human and machine cannot coexist, and can not be dynamically and continuously disinfected. UV exposure during the use of staff can cause Skin burns, eyelid swelling, conjunctival congestion, photophobia, tearing, and blurred vision of the exposed persons once faded out of people’s vision and were replaced by air sterilizers. However, with the impact of the new crown epidemic, they have re-fired. Recently Many departments in this hospital have been added, and I am often asked about all kinds of confusions in use. Next, I will come to popularize relevant knowledge and give you a reference in the process of using it. 1. Advantages: As a conventional air disinfection method, ultraviolet disinfection lamps has the advantages of easy operation, low cost, and reliable disinfection. 2. Disadvantages: In the process of disinfection, it can be said that the 'six relatives do not recognize'. The most vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye. Direct viewing can cause damage to the eyes, can cause photoophthalmia, cause conjunctival inflammation, and cause retinopathy, etc. , Severe cataracts can be induced. The main symptoms are red and swollen eyelids, conjunctival hyperemia, pain and foreign body sensation, blurred vision, photophobia, tearing, etc.; it can cause damage to the skin, leading to skin allergies, skin aging, skin tumors, etc. The main symptoms are redness, itching, pain, rash and other allergic symptoms on the skin. If irradiated by strong ultraviolet rays, the skin will age. Moreover, the UVR in the ultraviolet rays can also destroy the collagen fibers in the skin tissue, causing the skin to appear wrinkles and sagging. Ultraviolet rays can also affect the body's regulatory immune response and induce cancer in the skin, leading to melanoma and skin cancer. 3. The scope of application of ultraviolet lamps: used for disinfection of indoor air, surface of objects, water and other liquids. Ultraviolet light eliminates pathogenic microorganisms in the external environment, cuts off the transmission of infectious diseases, blocks the spread of infectious diseases, and achieves the purpose of protecting human health. Clinically, it is mainly used for air disinfection. To learn more, please click on tnuvir.com
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