What substances can emit light under a UV flashlight?

by:Tepro     2021-07-02
Ultraviolet flashlights can emit fluorescence when irradiated on certain items, which can help people detect oil leaks, restore antique jewelry, forgery, criminal investigation, ink curing, fingerprint and footprint tracking, etc. In order to better understand the performance of the ultraviolet flashlight and the application of the purple flashlight. Today, UV flashlight manufacturers have compiled for friends the substances that can emit light under the irradiation of a purple flashlight. Fluorescent dyes and inks. Manufacturers will add special fluorescent chemicals to dyes and inks to mark items, verify the authenticity of items or detect leaks, including invisible pens used at home. Quinine water. Quinine in toning water is fluorescent, while soda water has no fluorescent reaction. Some fancy bars may have black lights (similar to purple flashlights) to highlight this effect. Scorpion. Scorpions and certain insects will fluoresce when exposed to ultraviolet light. This is why ultraviolet flashlights are often used to catch scorpions at night. Whitening agent. Some household tissues, facial masks, baby diapers, washing powder, tooth whitener, paper and other items contain fluorescent whitening agent, antifreeze can be easily found under UV flashlight. In the fluorescent leak detection industry, antifreezes with fluorescent agents are often used to enhance leak detection capabilities. The high-power LED ultraviolet flashlight can easily find the leakage of the uv water purifier equipment. body fluid. Many body fluids, such as human urine, saliva, or semen, emit light under ultraviolet light. cosmetic. Some special cosmetics are designed to emit light under ultraviolet light. In some gatherings, event organizers prepare low-power black lights to illuminate participants who use special cosmetics. Different colors and contours can increase the atmosphere of the party. Of course, some problematic cosmetics may also emit fluorescence, and users are not aware of this. The above is a part of the common substances that can fluoresce under the purple flashlight by the 365 ultraviolet flashlight manufacturers. I hope to help everyone.
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