What should I pay attention to when looking for cat urine with a purple flashlight?

by:Tepro     2021-06-30
Cat sucking is a fashionable behavior among young people today, but cat owners know that the smell of cat urine is very unpleasant. What's more depressing is that it is not easy to find cat urine. Not to mention the inefficiency of finding the source of the smell by the nose alone, the nose will suffer too. In fact, many people do not know that it is easy to find pet urine stains with long-wave ultraviolet flashlights (purple flashlights or UV flashlights). This is because if you use 365 or 395 ultraviolet flashlights to illuminate cat urine, it will emit yellow or green light, and you can clearly see cat urine. TANK007 UV flashlight manufacturer tells you whether it is feasible to find cat urine with ultraviolet flashlight, what should be paid attention to when searching for cat urine with purple flashlight? Of course you have to own a 365 or 395 ultraviolet flashlight. Recommend to use UV01 or UVE2 portable ultraviolet flashlight. This mini ultraviolet flashlight can emit ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 360-395nm. Why choose a long-wave ultraviolet flashlight? This is because short-wave ultraviolet lamps cannot completely illuminate cat urine. Therefore, it is better to use a purple flashlight with UV wavelength such as 365 or 395 band. When using a purple flashlight to irradiate, ensure that it is as dark as possible. When using a UV flashlight to find cat urine, it is best at night. If it is during the day, you need to close all doors, windows and curtains as much as possible. This is because the purple flashlight is used in a dark environment. It is easier to observe glowing urine when looking for cat urine. When using an ultraviolet flashlight with the nose smell method or more efficiently using an ultraviolet flashlight to look for cat urine, first smell it with your nose to roughly determine the location of the cat urine, and then use the 365 ultraviolet flashlight to illuminate the place where you think your cat might urinate. Observe whether there is yellow or neon green light. When the 395 purple flashlight is used to irradiate the urine, the urine will show yellow or yellow-green light. Cat urine stains may take the form of large round spots, splashes or water droplets. It should be noted that some household items (such as wallpaper glue) may emit light under ultraviolet flashlights. In addition, some body fluids and nourishing water can also emit similar light spots. At this time, it is necessary to combine the position, shape and smell of the light spot to comprehensively determine whether it is cat urine. In addition, cats may sometimes urinate on various occasions, so you can't just check the floor. The irradiation range should be expanded according to the actual situation, such as walls and door frames, furniture tops and sides, etc. How to wash cat urine can be done with soapy water first, then use detergent to mix it with warm water and leave it for about an hour. This will help release crystals from cat urine. Then use a damp cloth to soak up the stain and soak up the water on the entire stain.
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