What should be paid attention to when installing UV disinfection equipment?

by:Tepro     2021-06-15
equipment is mainly a kind of disinfection device that uses ultraviolet germicidal lamp to irradiate, thereby destroying the internal structure of bacteria and virus DNA and so on, and achieves killing pathogenic microorganisms in water. It can be said that there are many places to use it, especially for sewage treatment, it is inseparable from its use. Below, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to what you need to pay attention to when installing UV disinfection equipment. First, the ultraviolet disinfection lamps equipment adopts the uv light sterilizer method. Usually, the quartz sleeve is installed in advance before the equipment leaves the factory. So when you install it, you only need to handle it gently. Second, friends who have used UV disinfection uv water purifier equipment will know that the equipment needs to be reliably grounded. If it is not reliably grounded, you must not use it. Third, the UV disinfection equipment needs to be installed indoors horizontally. You need to fix the bracket on the designated workbench first. When installing the water inlet and outlet sterilization devices, in addition to the convenience of water access, you also need Leave the space for the installation position to extract the ultraviolet lamp tube. In addition, the electric control box also needs to be installed near the ultraviolet disinfection equipment. Fourth, before proceeding with the installation, you need to choose a suitable installation environment, and you cannot install the UV disinfection equipment in a place that is too humid or with excessive shock and vibration. Everyone should know that high humidity will easily cause serious damage to electrical components, and excessive shock and vibration will also damage the lamp or quartz tube. If you can grasp the above precautions when installing the UV disinfection equipment, and install them in the correct way, then the equipment will be able to exert a better sterilization effect, not to mention, to a certain extent, it can also extend the equipment Period of use.
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