What's The Advantage Of The Ultraviolet Sterilizer For Sewage Treatment

What's The Advantage Of The Ultraviolet Sterilizer For Sewage Treatment


The sewage treatment ultraviolet sterilizer can be used for effectively sterilizing and sterilizing industrial sewage, municipal sewage, domestic sewage and the like, and is convenient and fast, high in efficiency and safe, and the problem of sewage treatment is well solved.


On the basis of the application of the ultraviolet technology, a series of sterilization and disinfection equipment which are produced by the research and development of the ultraviolet water body are carried out. The sewage ultraviolet sterilizer(uv sterilizer) is in the form of automatic cleaning, can automatically clean the adhering substance of the quartz sleeve, and guarantee the penetration rate of the ultraviolet ray.


The special ultraviolet sterilizer for sewage has a wide range of sterilization and rapid sterilization, which can effectively kill and remove microorganisms in sewage, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), remove biological pollution in sewage, ensure the effect of water treatment and ensure water quality.


uv sterilizer

Automatic cleaning quartz casing, convenient maintenance, large sewage treatment capacity, safe and secure, reliable and convenient.


Wide range of application, can be industrial sewage, municipal sewage, domestic sewage and other sewage sterilization and disinfection.


The special ultraviolet sterilizer for sewage is installed horizontally, the bracket is fixed on the appointed foundation or the working table, (the water inlet and the water outlet are switched on), the position of the sterilizing device is in the room, It is also noted that the installation position can extract the ultraviolet lamp tube and the space, the electric control box is installed in the vicinity of the device, the relative humidity of the environment is not more than 80 DEG C, the non-corrosive gas is free of the conductive dust, and has no strong vibration and impact.


The invention relates to a special ultraviolet sterilizer for sewage, which can be used as a water inlet according to a pipeline, a water outlet can be arranged as a water outlet, and a horizontal and vertical type can be arranged according to the needs of a user, so that a space with the same length of the equipment is reserved on one side of the lamp tube and the quartz tube.


After the product is installed, the test shall be carried out first, and the water shall not be leaked, and then the power supply shall be switched on.


after the power supply is switched on, the indicator light is on, so that the lamp cap and the lamp tube are connected normally, the dust cover is covered on the dust cover cover and then the light is on according to the "power switch" button lamp light, the time delayer is turned, and the lamp tube is waiting for 3-5 seconds to be on, After the water inlet valve is opened, the machine is started to start operation.


The TEPRO provides various water treatment ultraviolet sterilizer, with different types of water treatment ultraviolet sterilizer, can handle different water quantity, different water quality, and guarantee water quality!



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