What problems should be paid attention to when choosing low-pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamps

by:Tepro     2021-06-20
The common ultraviolet disinfection lamp of the gas lamp source is the low-pressure mercury uv lamp. Low-pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps can be divided into ozone-type UVC disinfection lamps and ozone-free short-wave ultraviolet disinfection lamps according to whether they contain ozone. Today we will take a look at what issues should be paid attention to when choosing two low-pressure mercury UV disinfection lamps. Ozone-free UVC UV disinfection lamps: As the name suggests, ozone-free UV disinfection lamps do not contain ozone. Take TANK007 UV200 UV disinfection lamps as an example. This 265nm wavelength The UV disinfection lamp is used in air surface sterilization, daily household virus inactivation, cosmetics, mobile phones, digital products and other sterilization applications. Ozone germicidal ultraviolet lamp: Ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp is usually made of quartz glass or high boron glass. Because the uv lamp using quartz glass has stronger penetrating power, the effective ultraviolet light transmittance is 93%, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the lamp tube is also higher. Therefore, the usage rate is higher than that of short-wave ultraviolet lamps with high boron glass. The ultraviolet light emitted by the ozone uv lamp and the oxygen in the air are photolyzed to form oxygen atoms under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, and the oxygen atoms further react with oxygen to form ozone. The ozone-containing ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp mainly contains 185nm ultraviolet rays and strong oxidation with air to produce ozone. Ozone can make up for the defects of uv light sterilizer. TANK007 ozone-containing ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps have been used in sewage treatment, urban tap water dechlorination, exhaust gas fume decomposition, air purification and other fields. What problems should be paid attention to when low-pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamps should pay attention to ozone-containing UVC ultraviolet lamps and ozone-free output rates Standard, the initial ozone output rate of ozone lamps should not be less than 80% of the nominal value; the initial ozone output rate of ozone-free lamps should be less than 0.05 g/(kW•h).
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