What Problems Exist In The Use Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp

What Problems Exist In The Use Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp


Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp has strong sterilizing ability. It is suitable for sterilization in health, medical treatment, biological research, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. It can also be used for photochemical reaction and air disinfection in food storage and room. This product is convenient to use, simple to operate, long life and reliable effect, but the use of ultraviolet sterilization lamp still has the following problems:

1.Special technology, difficult manufacturing and high price. Due to the special nature of quartz glass, the production of sterilizing lamp cannot be large-scale, which leads to the high cost of quartz sterilizing lamp, which hinders its further popularization and application.

2. Light decay is large, not long life. The ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp that general manufacturer produces is ignited after hundreds of hours, its ultraviolet light intensity is attenuated very quickly, highest achieve 30%, sterilization effect is greatly weakened. In addition, the cathode damage during processing also affects the life of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp. Due to the different mechanism between ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and fluorescent lamp, this problem needs to be solved by all parties. 

3. Because the filament and cathode material is different, and T8, T5 fluorescent lamp with the same power of UV lamp, can not use the same ballast drive.

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