What matters need to notice when UV disinfection lamp disinfection?

What matters need to notice when UV disinfection lamp disinfection?


UV disinfection lamp is a kind of lamps and lanterns that USES the antiseptic action of ultraviolet ray to undertake antiseptic, as the popularity of Corona Virus Disease 2019, a lot of people know UV disinfection lamp has certain help to antiseptic, do you know what important matter needs to notice when antiseptic UV disinfection lamp?

UV disinfection lamp

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Precautions for disinfection of UV disinfection lamp

Ultraviolet ray is clinical among undertake disinfection very important physics disinfection method, the main equipment that disinfects is uv disinfection lamp, uv disinfection lamp basically is to rely on direct illuminate object surface undertakes disinfection. Disinfection characteristic is to be irradiated place can undertake disinfection, and did not have irradiated place, the effect that cannot disinfect. Accordingly, when disinfection with ultraviolet ray, must put ultraviolet lamp in the position that can illuminate place disinfection place, perhaps be the position that can illuminate the largest area.

If want to undertake irradiate with ultraviolet lamp, close the room as far as possible airtight, of course, when irradiate with ultraviolet ray, the person must leave a room. Because ultraviolet ray on the one hand can kill poison sterilization, at the same time also can produce harm to the skin, the eye. So when using the ultraviolet lamp, the personnel must leave the room.

The uv disinfection effect depends on the duration. If the irradiation time of ultraviolet lamp is too short, it can't sterilize. So be sure to follow the schedule. After irradiate ends, still want to undertake ventilated change air above all, reduce the ozone stimulation that causes as a result of ultraviolet lamp place irradiate.

UV disinfection lamp sterilization characteristics

1. after lighting the lamp, indoor dirty air as a result of the action of ozone and ultraviolet ray and gradually clean, then this lamp supplies the source of fresh air ceaselessly, the free bacterium in the air also is killed when ozone is decomposed, can prevent cold and common cold and other a variety of infectious diseases that take air as the medium, prevent the infection of hepatitis, tuberculosis.

2. Deodorant and mildew proofing. Point on this lamp inside the bedroom, toilet, not only can stank, and still can kill fly, mosquito to wait for larva. In dark damp room, can prevent the article to become mouldy.

3. pure physical sterilization without secondary pollution. Since uv disinfection does not require the addition of any chemical agents, it does not cause secondary contamination of the surrounding environment.

4. Ultraviolet disinfection technology and disinfection efficiency are the highest among all disinfection methods.

5. can effectively prevent SARS, H5N1, H1N1, encephalitis, COVID-19 and other highly contagious epidemic diseases.

Sterilization blind area of UV disinfection lamp

1. Sterilize the upper surface of the object (food) only, not the lower surface of the object;

2. When more than one object overlaps, the surface of the overlapped part of the object cannot be sterilized;

3. can only give object external surface sterilization, can not give object internal sterilization! That is to say the place that ultraviolet (invisible light) does not illuminate cannot have antiseptic action.

Finally, hope everybody USES ultraviolet ray disinfection lamp correctly, remember note item, put an end to or reduce the influence of UV disinfection lamp disinfection.



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