What is UV sterilization?

by:Tepro     2021-03-17
Ultraviolet sterilization refers to the use of direct ultraviolet radiation to destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms, so that pathogens die immediately or cannot reproduce their offspring, achieving the purpose of sterilization. Among them, UVC has the best antibacterial effect, because C-band ultraviolet rays are easily digested and absorbed by DNA, especially the 253.7-nanometer wavelength ultraviolet rays are the best. has obvious advantages over traditional disinfection methods. Because ultraviolet disinfection lamps is a physical disinfection method, it will not produce secondary residual pollution. Intelligent ultraviolet disinfection uv water purifier equipment is easier to manage and automate. Nowadays, ultraviolet disinfection technology has gradually become popular. UV disinfection uv water purifier equipment in hotels, hospitals, elevators, factories, companies, homes and other places, as small as disinfection boxes, disinfection sticks, air purification and disinfection and other electronic products, I believe that in the near future, UV disinfection will replace traditional disinfection methods. u003cbru003eThe advantages of using LED lamp beads for ultraviolet disinfection lamps u003cbru003eUsing UVC ultraviolet ray disinfection effect is obvious, but the ultraviolet ray can only spread in a straight line, and the penetrating power is weak, so there are blind spots that are blocked. Although the 185-nanometer UVD does not have a strong and effective physical sterilization and disinfection effect, it can decompose the oxygen in the air and combine to produce ozone. Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect and can reach every corner with the flow of air, thoroughly sterilizing (biological Chemical oxidation sterilization). Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of LED ultraviolet lamp beads: 1. Broad-spectrum sterilization: by destroying genetic material such as DNA, it can effectively kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses and fungi. 2. Can purify organic matter: effectively remove organic matter such as formaldehyde and toluene in the air, remove odors, and make the air fresher. 3. Environmental protection and energy saving: a single UVC-LED power consumption is only 1W, but the sterilization efficiency is as high as 99.99%. 4. Non-toxic: UVC-LED does not produce ozone harmful to the human body, and can be used in human activity spaces. 5. Service life: The service life of UVC-LED lamp is more than 20,000 hours.
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