What is the working principle of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment?

by:Tepro     2020-11-28
Due to the development of industry, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is widely used in electronics, food, textile, chemical, and other fields. And in normal temperature and low pressure operation, no phase change, has the equipment has simple structure, convenient operation. Small make up take you to understand how it works: reverse osmosis is precision liquid membrane separation technology, in the water, Concentrated solution) Operating pressure in order to overcome natural osmotic pressure, when higher osmotic pressure naturally operating pressure and in strong natural seepage flow of water molecules in solution side direction will be reversed, water ( Concentrated solution) Moisture in the radical become dilute solution by reverse osmosis membrane side of purified water production; Reverse osmosis equipment can stop all the soluble salt and organic molecular weight greater than 100, but allowing water molecules through the reverse osmosis composite membrane desalting rate is generally greater than 98%, they are widely used in industrial pure water preparation and electronic ultrapure water, drinking pure water production, such as boiler feed water process, using reverse osmosis equipment before ion exchange can sharply decreasing operation of water and wastewater emissions. The key points of high pure water equipment operation
high pure water equipment is to reverse osmosis and ion exchange technology combined with the preparation of ultrapure water after the formation of the professional tools, microcomputer intelligent process control system, it can automatically detect and display the water quality; At the same time of access to quality water production, ensure water yield. The city water treatment equipment co. , LTD is a professional engaged in water treatment equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and supporting materials sales company. Engineering equipment including industrial pure water and ultrapure uv water purifier, water desalination equipment. Below small make up to share the key points of high pure uv water purifier operation. 1, in order to tackle smaller particles, so the fiber filtration column diameter no more than 5 um, it plays a guarantee fill clean and prolonging the service life of the downstream components. Using the booster pump in fiber column outlet, pressurized water to activated carbon column. 2, widespread use of activated carbon is a kind of adsorbent, it can adsorb the water of inorganic and organic matter; But its adsorption capacity is different for different substances.
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