What is the working principle of infrared heating tube

by:Tepro     2021-03-30
tube has a very good thermal effect, and it is used in many industries, but many people do not know the working principle of infrared heating tube, the following editor will share with you.   tube is a light source that is activated by a high-power power supply for a tungsten-coated quartz lamp. The light source belongs to the halogen tungsten lamp series, with a wavelength range of 0.76-5μm and a peak wavelength of 4μm. It emits short medium-wave infrared rays and is an efficient heating source. When the color temperature reaches 2500K, the infrared spectrum output is larger, and some have a reflective layer, and the filament is supported by a tungsten wire to prevent sagging, with high efficiency and fast heat transfer. It has the advantages of sensitive response to the control device, compact structure and light weight. The lighting position can be horizontal or anywhere.   Infrared radiation heating light source classification:    1. Shortwave high power, strong penetrating power. With a fairly high power, radiation can be focused on the target and provide high-efficiency heat. Since it can reach full-load working intensity within a few seconds, the short-wave radiation heating light source is very suitable for processes that require rapid stop and start.   2. Fast mid-wave stability, high efficiency, and rapid breaking response.   3. Zhongbo is efficient and economical. It can quickly heat the surface and thin layer of the object, and has the characteristics of being quickly absorbed by the water film. Compared with the shortwave radiator, the medium wave is particularly suitable for the drying process. Scope of application:    can heat, dry, evaporate, soften, harden, form, activate, laminate, sterilize, and bake materials such as rubber, plastic, glass, printed circuit boards, car bodies, metals, castings, leather, food, etc. Processing; various powder coatings, water-based coatings, primers, overcoats, paints and dyes, printing inks, films, glazing, pastes, glues, adhesives, etc. can be cured.   The above is the working principle of the infrared heating tube and the scope of application. The more you understand the infrared heating tube, the better the application.
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