What is the role of uv ultraviolet sterilization in beverage production?

by:Tepro     2020-05-01
In fruit juice beverage production and processing, in order to make the product to achieve and guarantee the quality safety and health standards, extend the time limit, reasonable disinfection sterilization is indispensable. With the gradually mature of the technology, uv ultraviolet sterilization in fruit juice beverage production and processing has begun to play an indispensable role in disinfection sterilization. Uv ultraviolet germicidal effect in beverage production and advantages of uv uv light sterilizer by radiation, ultraviolet ray can damage to DNA structure of the microbe so as to achieve the aim of destroying microorganisms. Uv sterilizer lampultraviolet disinfection technology can avoid using chemicals, can be used for feed water, syrup, clean water, wastewater, filtering system and the packing surface disinfection. At the same time system installation and maintenance is very simple and convenient. Compared with other sterilization method, ultraviolet germicidal lamp has many incomparable advantages. Ultraviolet (uv) won't produce toxins or residue, also won't change the chemical composition of the liquid to be disinfection, taste, smell, and pH value. This feature is especially important in the fruit juice industry, in the chemical disinfection, chemicals can lead to join the production water stale and change the chemical properties of the product. To sum up: uv light sterilizer effect is remarkable, in fruit juice beverage production processed into is undoubtedly one of the best way of sterilization. As a kind of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection way of sterilization, believe that uv disinfector in the coming years will get more extensive application.
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