What is the distinguishing feature of pure water equipment control system?

by:Tepro     2020-11-16
Control system of pure uv water purifier what characteristics? Small make up today from three aspects to give you a brief introduction to the main characteristics of pure water equipment, to deepen your understanding of pure water equipment control system. If you have other problems of pure water equipment is convenient, welcome consulting staff. 1, the main control loop water net equipment imports of high-pressure pump with low voltage protection switch, export is equipped with high voltage protection switch. High pressure pump and water tank low level interlock. When the high pressure pump imported low voltage switch action, the system will automatically sends a signal to stop the high pressure pump continues to run, protect the high pressure pump in the water under the condition of steady work. When the error due to other reasons, the high-pressure pump outlet pressure exceeds a certain value, high pressure pump discharge pressure protection can cut off the high pressure pump power supply function, protection system is not running under ultra-high pressure environment. Step 2, the main control object and control sequence of pure uv water purifier control mode is a state transition model based on time sequence, state transition is not bouncing, PC monitor screen system to start and stop of two buttons, triggers the start button, the state began to transform, the vast majority of transformation are regularly occur, only under the running condition, transformation can be triggered by press the stop button. 3, pure water equipment application state of motion output sequence formed after it will be very helpful to determine the output of the device action, it can make the programming more facilitation. , for example, to determine the output of the inlet valve can read the inlet valve control step sequence table columns, shows that inlet valve is in three periods is open, the rest of the state is closed, and after two periods is continuous.
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