What is the difference between pure water and ultrapure water?

by:Tepro     2020-12-09
Correct selection of laboratory ultrapure water machine before, it is necessary to well understand the following concepts: pure water is what? What is the ultrapure water? What's the difference between the two? is also called the pure water, refers to accord with water as raw water of drinking water health standards, by electrodialysis method, ion exchange method, reverse osmosis, distillation and other appropriate processing methods, made the seal in the container, and do not contain any additives, colorless, transparent, can be directly drinking water. Hyper furniture that sells on the market, and distilled water as uv water purifier. Ultrapure water is pure water on the basis of further remove the conductive medium is almost entirely in the water, and water dissociation of colloidal substance, gas and organic matter removal to very low level of water. Resistivity is more than 18 m Ω * cm or close to 18. 25 m Ω * cm limit value. Ultrapure water is general level of the process is difficult to achieve, can be in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI technology, two or more of the ion exchange technology, through the reasonable technological design, equipment selection, can produce ultrapure water, resistivity can reach 18. 20MΩ*cm。 and ultrapure water difference exists in many ways, here only lists some aspects of them, are summarized as follows: 1, electrical conductivity, water conductivity in 2 - 10 between us/cm, ultrapure water conductivity of 0. 056us/cm。 2, manufacturing, to the difficulty of the use of pure water on the market at present basically after, reverse osmosis and distillation method, and ultrapure water is pure water pass light oxidation technology, on the basis of finishing treatment and polishing processing of a series of complex purification technology. 3, heavy metals, bacteria, and the number of particles in the index are also quite different, water content of impurities is PPM level, ultrapure water for PPB level, say simply has no impurities in ultrapure water, close to the theory of water. 4, the use of the field is not the same. 5, the requirement of pipeline material is also different, ultrapure water requirement for pipeline material than ultrapure water tight. The current situation of domestic ultrapure water machine market at present, the domestic ultrapure water machine market has changed from the past close Richard bo the situation of unify the whole country to dominance, horses stand mute. The condition of the domestic ultrapure water machine manufacturers have made great progress, but the overall technical level is relatively low, can actually ultrapure water was made by the manufacturer or less. The resistance rate of 18 many manufacturers. 2 mΩ。 Cm understanding for ultrapure water pure water, in fact this is a mistake on understanding, because a lot of organic molecules, bacteria, particle number does not exist in ionic form so will not affect the determination of the resistivity, is the result of the resistivity of reading, good water may remain pollution of organic matter, bacteria, etc. Such water cannot be called a ultrapure water, real ultrapure water is almost does not contain any impurities so domestic producers to continue to work in this area.
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