What is the difference between ozone and ozone-free ultraviolet mercury lamps?

by:Tepro     2021-06-28
Some of the ultraviolet mercury lamps sold on the market are written with ozone and some without ozone. What is the difference between these two kinds of ultraviolet lamps? Which kind of ultraviolet lamp is good? Today TANK007 tells you the difference between the two. Ozone UVC ultraviolet mercury lamp and ozone-free ultraviolet lamp First of all, we said that both of these are low-pressure ultraviolet mercury lamps. The distinction is mainly based on the peaks of different UVC bands. The ultraviolet mercury lamp with ozone has a UVC wavelength of 185nm and no ozone. The type of ultraviolet mercury lamp is 253.7nm (also called 254nm). The advantages of ozone ultraviolet mercury lamps. Shortwave ultraviolet lamps with ozone release ozone when they are in operation. The strong oxidation of ozone can effectively kill bacteria and viruses; in addition, unlike ultraviolet rays, ozone only spreads in a straight line and has dead spots for disinfection. Diffuse to corners that cannot be reached by ultraviolet light to compensate for the defects of ultraviolet disinfection lamps. There are disadvantages of ozone ultraviolet mercury lamps. If the human body inhales excessive ozone, it will irritate the human respiratory tract, causing throat swelling and pain, chest tightness, coughing, bronchitis and emphysema, etc. Therefore, it needs to be ventilated after disinfection. The advantages and disadvantages of ozone-free ultraviolet lamps are none The ozone ultraviolet lamp does not produce ozone as we understand it, it still produces trace ozone. This is because under ultraviolet radiation, ozone can be naturally formed from diatomic oxygen through electron emission or exposure. In fact, ozone-free mercury lamps It is not a true ozone-free lamp in the strict sense, it will still produce a trace amount of ozone when irradiation occurs. Regarding the trace ozone released by ozone-free ultraviolet lamps, the country also has corresponding standards. According to the 'GB19258-2012' national standard for ultraviolet germicidal lamps, there are clear regulations on the initial ozone output rate of ozone-free lamps: the initial ozone output of ozone-free lamps The rate should be less than 0.05g/(KW·h). The initial ozone output rate of the ozone lamp should not be less than 80% of the nominal value. Ozone-free ultraviolet lamps produced in accordance with national standards produce very small amounts of ozone and are basically harmless to the human body. The disadvantage is that pure UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamps will have dead ends. Which one should we choose for the ozone ultraviolet lamp and the ozone-free ultraviolet lamp? You can choose the ozone-free germicidal lamp according to the application scenario: currently mainly used in air sterilization, water treatment, elevator buildings, blood inactivation, microbial inactivation, cosmetics /Application areas such as food production flow. Ozone germicidal lamp: Because the 185nm band of ultraviolet rays can chemically react with the air to produce strong oxidizing ozone, it can kill bacteria that cannot be irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and can effectively kill bacteria. Ozone uv lamp products have been applied to various fields such as sewage treatment, tap water dechlorination treatment, exhaust gas and oil fume decomposition, air purification and methanol removal. The TANK007 ozone germicidal lamp is made of quartz glass, which has stronger penetrating power, with an effective ultraviolet light transmittance of 93%, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the lamp tube will also be higher.
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