What is the current UV germicidal lamp market?

by:Tepro     2021-05-12
How does the current UV germicidal lamp market refer to the 'New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 5)' issued by the National Health Commission that coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. As a simple way of disinfection, it has also become the choice of some families. In recent months, sales have increased significantly. The relevant person in charge of NVC Lighting told reporters, 'Before the outbreak of this epidemic, NVC Lighting had been making UV disinfection products. The research and development of household products started in 2018 and started the cloth production line, such as clothes dryers with UV disinfection, Products such as Yuba; customized UV disinfection products have always been provided in the commercial field. But in the past, this was a market segment, and the attention was not high; after the epidemic, people’s attention to healthy home should be greatly increased.' In fact, related uv water purifier equipment and The precision requirements are relatively high. Due to the special properties of quartz glass, it is difficult to scale the production of germicidal lamps, resulting in higher cost of quartz germicidal lamps and higher process accuracy requirements. The biggest difficulty is clamping, degassing and cathode activation. Process. Facing the boom of market demand, many LED companies have attacked and expanded production vigorously. 'The funds of all parties are sharpening their knives, and they are all ready to rush in and cut a piece.' Mentioned the recent boom, an industry insider expressed emotion. There are three types of UV applications-air, water, and surface sterilization. At present, everyone uses air sterilization and surface sterilization. In fact, ultraviolet disinfection lamps (technology) has been used in the household market for a long time, but it has not attracted much attention, such as disinfection cabinets and direct drinking fountains, which have UV lamps. What is added now is the daily UV disinfection. To learn more, you can click on tnuvir.com
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