What is an ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

by:Tepro     2021-05-28
What is a UV germicidal lamp with ozone? The emission spectrum of the UV germicidal lamp is mainly 254nm and 185nm. Among them, 254nm is ozone-free ultraviolet rays, and 185nm is ozone-containing ultraviolet rays. Ozone type: Advantages: Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect, which can effectively kill bacteria, and the dispersibility of ozone can just make up for the shortcomings of ultraviolet rays that only travel in a straight line and disinfection. Disadvantages: But excessive ozone is an invisible killer! It strongly stimulates the human respiratory tract, causing throat swelling and pain, chest tightness, coughing, bronchitis and emphysema, and you need to open the window to ventilate the poison. Ozone-free type: Advantages: No ozone, people can enter the room immediately after sterilization. Disadvantages: It only spreads in a straight line, and there are dead spots in disinfection.
What are the protective measures and first aid measures during the use of the germicidal lamp?
Protective measures and first aid measures that must be understood during use: ①Using UV germicidal lamps can be considered to sterilize items that may carry pathogens. ②During the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, neither humans nor animals or plants should stay on site to avoid skin burns or plant death. ③Please do not look directly at the shiny lamp to avoid eye swelling, pain or burns. ④After disinfection, it is recommended to open the door for ventilation for 20-30 minutes before entering the room. (Only for mercury lamps) ⑤Consult professionals for the correct usage method. If electro-optic ophthalmia occurs, you can use boiled and cooled fresh milk to infuse your eyes immediately to relieve pain. To use it, start by tapping once every few minutes, and then as the symptoms alleviate, the time to order milk can be extended appropriately. You can also use a towel soaked in cold water to compress the eyes and rest with your eyes closed. After emergency treatment, in addition to rest, attention should be paid to avoid light stimulation, and to minimize eye movement and friction. After the symptoms have slowed down, they should be sent to the hospital for treatment.
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