What is a black light ultraviolet lamp?

by:Tepro     2021-07-13
Nowadays, the manufacture of industrial products and equipment requires strong quality control. The black light ultraviolet lamp is an important tool to control the quality and reliability of products and equipment. Portable black light ultraviolet lamps are used in many industries to improve product quality control. What is a black light ultraviolet lamp? We turn the UVA (315nm-400 nm) band ultraviolet light into a black light ultraviolet lamp. This is the longest wavelength region in ultraviolet light. Most ultraviolet fluorescence inspections use UVA ultraviolet rays, including TANK007 365nm and 395nm ultraviolet flashlights. Black light ultraviolet lamps are used for quality control Black light ultraviolet lamps are used for product and uv water purifier equipment quality control mainly divided into two categories. Mainly based on the combination of ultraviolet fluorescent materials or visible/invisible ultraviolet pigments. Including NDT non-destructive testing and fluid leakage testing. Ultraviolet fluorescence detection under the black light of UVA ultraviolet lamp mainly uses the fluorescence reaction of the material. For example, detecting whether there is oil and gas leakage in the oil pipeline. Mix the UV fluorescent leak detection additives with the fluid system involved, including water, oil, fuel, coolant, and refrigerant. The equipment is running normally to circulate the fluorescent additive. Then, by inspecting all outer surfaces, pipes, joints, coils, etc. under ultraviolet black light, any leaks will show up as a bright fluorescent yellow-green glow. Portable ultraviolet black light lamp is used for non-destructive testing. The most common portable ultraviolet black light lamp is ultraviolet flashlight, especially for non-destructive testing. TANK007 UVC31 is a portable 365nm ultraviolet flashlight very suitable for non-destructive testing. The non-destructive testing process of the ultraviolet black light lamp mainly uses ultraviolet fluorescent magnetic particles or dye penetrants to highlight defects. The common ones are aircraft landing gear, car steering system and many other parts that we depend on for survival.
Collectively, the effect of uv tube light on industrial society has been to eliminate uv disinfection lamp and drastically reduce the time long associated with uv sterilization lamp.
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