What fields can UV sensors be used in

by:Tepro     2021-06-10
We are full of many electrical components in our daily lives, of which sensors are the most widespread. The sensors are divided into many different types, and each type of sensor has its different functions. Among them, the ultraviolet sensor, as a special type of sensor, is also widely used in various fields. First, UV sensors are widely used in the medical field, mainly in medical disinfection uv water purifier equipment, surgical uv water purifier equipment and so on. The main principle of its operation is due to the effect of ultraviolet rays that can sterilize and disinfect. Second, UV sensors are also used in the field of banknote recognition. Mention this point, I believe you will not be unfamiliar. Although the frequency of banknotes in my country is getting lower and lower, when everyone used banknotes before, banknote recognition instruments with ultraviolet sensors were all over the street. Alley. The banknote recognizer uses the strong penetration of ultraviolet light. Finally, in high-end medical systems, ultraviolet sensors can also be used for the treatment of skin diseases, and can also play a very good curative effect. This is what we usually call ultraviolet light therapy. Through the irradiation of ultraviolet light, it can achieve a good therapeutic effect on some patients on the skin surface and diseases such as dermatitis. In addition to the above-mentioned UV sensors used in the fields, UV sensors can also be used to treat diseases such as insomnia and hypertension. In short, UV sensors are widely used in all areas of our lives and are closely related to our lives. Although sometimes you do not directly feel its existence, it is indirectly affecting your and my lives and improving our lives. I don’t know if you have a general understanding of the application areas of UV sensors based on the above introduction. If you want to know more about UV sensors, or are interested in UV sensing technology, you can consult a professional company like Guangzhou Science Co., Ltd.
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