What effect does the UV ultraviolet (UV) in pharmaceutical process?

by:Tepro     2020-04-16
The role of UV ultraviolet sterilization system used in the pharmaceutical industry mainly can be used to ensure clean water loop running under the highest standard of microbial contamination. The benefits are many easy installation, cover an area of an area small, simple maintenance, can be carried out by site personnel. process belongs to the physical processing method, will not affect the stability of the products, and the residue, color and smell of products there will be no accident. Introduction to UV ultraviolet (UV) in the pharmaceutical plays an important role in the process of ultraviolet sterilization disinfector is usually divided into low voltage and medium voltage two distinct types, UV output monochromatic spectrum (low pressure system 254 nm wavelength) And medium voltage system output multi-color uv spectrum ( Between 240 and 310 nm) wavelength 。 The principle of the ultraviolet radiation sterilization is through the destruction of microbial DNA and RNA, make its cannot continue breeding, microorganism and thus can be used in not under the condition of chemical killed. Despite the 254 nm wavelength is effective disinfection, DNA can most effectively absorption wavelength of 265 nm uv light. Overall, the low pressure system is best for small flow, intermittent, and intermediate pressure technology is more suitable for high velocity water disinfection. Pharmaceutical production base is composed of multiple processes, between different stages may be damaged by microbial contamination, and uv ultraviolet sterilization can be used as an effective safeguard, to ensure that the drugs in each process section between metamorphic will not occur. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization device after the stage is a typical activated carbon filter before or reverse osmosis, or set the ultraviolet disinfection and TOC degradation system in fine processing unit. Installation of uv light sterilizer system can destroy incoming water of more than 99% of the bacteria. After the installation of uv system, not only save the cost, and ultraviolet (uv) provides a high standard of dechlorination effect, water is one of the largest material in the process of drug dosage, the more strict standard driver and increasingly complex technological requirements under ultraviolet sterilization technology is more adopted in the industry.
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