What are the scene applications of UV disinfection lamps?

by:Tepro     2021-05-29
Scenario application of uv lamp: 1. Air disinfection: Please close the doors and windows when using it. The room should be kept clean and dry. The timer will start after 5-7 minutes after the light is on. The effective distance should not exceed 2 meters. Each disinfection time is 30-40 minutes. ; If the light needs to be turned on again after turning off the light, it should be turned on after an interval of 3-4 minutes; it is strictly forbidden to enter the room during the ultraviolet light irradiation. Ozone will be generated during the ultraviolet disinfection lamps process. After the irradiation, the window should be opened for ventilation; if you must enter, you should first Stop the uv lamp irradiation. 2. Disinfection of the surface of the object: spread or hang the object so that it is fully exposed to be directly irradiated, and ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the object; when the surface of the object is disinfected, the distance between the lamp and the contaminated surface should not exceed 1m. If the intensity meets the requirements, the irradiation time shall not be less than 30min. High-intensity, low-ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp, effective range of irradiation for 30min~60min.  Precautions for ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps  First of all, pay attention to the ambient temperature. Too high or too low temperature will affect the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and thus affect the sterilization effect. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is maximum and stable when the room temperature is 20-40℃. Therefore, if the temperature is lower than 20°C or higher than 40°C, it is necessary to appropriately extend the UV irradiation time.   Next, pay attention to the environmental humidity. When the humidity is between 55% and 60%, ultraviolet rays have the highest killing rate of germs. When the humidity exceeds 60%, the penetration of ultraviolet rays will decrease, and the sterilization effect will decrease by 20%~30%. It is best to use it when the weather is fine and the room is dry. Don't just use a wet mop to wipe the floor or wipe the table and immediately use an ultraviolet lamp to disinfect it.  Do not look directly at the light-emitting tube with the naked eye (don't worry if you wear glasses, the lens can block UVC ultraviolet rays), and your skin should not be exposed to the lighted ultraviolet light for a long time. During the disinfection period, close doors and windows, and people and pets must leave the disinfection place. Plants and valuable leather goods should also be moved to places out of ultraviolet rays or covered with cloth.   is not difficult to use, as long as the switch is turned on, it can be used normally. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning work during use, and the position of the placement also needs to be paid attention to.  1. The installation of ultraviolet germicidal lamp: a 30-watt ultraviolet lamp can be installed every 10 meters, and the effective distance is less than two meters. At the same time, the room must be equipped with temperature and humidity meters. 2. When used for air sterilization, the doors and windows should be closed, and the time should be counted after 5-7 minutes after the light is on. The sterilization time should not be more than 60 minutes each time. Stop the UV germicidal lamp sunlight first, especially if you are young and married ladies, keep this in mind.  3. When using ultraviolet germicidal lamps to sterilize items, spread out or hang the items to continuously expand the sun's light surface. The effective distance is one meter, and the sun takes about 30 minutes.  4. When using ultraviolet germicidal lamps, the environment should be kept clean. There should be no dust and water mist in the air. When the indoor temperature is less than 20 degrees Celsius or the humidity is as high as 50%, the sunlight time should be prolonged. After scrubbing the floor, wait until the floor is dry before using ultraviolet light for sterilization.   5. The surface of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp tube should be kept clean and free of dust. Wipe it with a cotton ball of 95% ethanol once a week, and it is best to keep a record.  6. u200bu200bUltraviolet rays have certain damage to human skin and mucous membranes. When using ultraviolet germicidal lamps, pay attention to protection. The eyes must not look directly at the ultraviolet light source, otherwise the eyes will be harmed.  7. It is necessary to create a usage time record book for the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, and record it once every sunlight, because the life of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is 1000 hours. In addition, the UV intensity of the UV germicidal lamp must be checked regularly with the UV intensity command card.   In addition, for the small UV lamps used in some restaurants and homes to kill mosquitoes, because their flashing principle is different from that of UV germicidal lamps, there is no need to worry. 
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