What are the requirements for the installation of UV lamps and the number of installations?

by:Tepro     2021-04-25
What are the requirements for the installation of UV lamps and the number of installations? Requirements for the installation of UV lamps: 5.4.2 of the 'Hospital Air Purification Management Code' requires that the UV lamps adopt suspended or mobile direct irradiation, and the lamp hoisting height is above the ground 1.8m-2.2m. When installing, the ultraviolet lamp (30W ultraviolet lamp, the intensity at 1.0m>70μW/c㎡) should be ≥1.5W/m³, and the irradiation time should be ≥30min. The reason why the hoisting height is 1.8~2.2m from the ground is that the breathing belt of ordinary people is probably in this area, and the other is that it is convenient to wipe the dust on the surface of the lamp without affecting the activities of personnel. If it is to disinfect the surface of the object, the distance between the lamp tube and the irradiated surface should be 1m for the disinfection to be effective. Installation quantity of UV lamps: install 30W lamps, the calculation formula is: room area×house height×1.5÷30; install 40W lamps, the calculation formula is: room area×house height×1.5÷40 For example: room area 15 ㎡, indoor height of 3m to install 30w lamp tube: 15×3×1.5÷30u003d2.25, that is, install 3 tubes. Install 40w ultraviolet rays: 15×3×1.5÷40u003d1.6875, that is, install 2 pieces.
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