What are the main components of pure water machine?

by:Tepro     2020-12-11
After filtering out water, uv water purifier machine cleanliness is very high, can be directly drinkable, complex structure of uv water purifier machine, pure source small make up today to introduce what are the main components of the pure water machine? Level 5 filter: 1, PP cotton, used to filter the water such as sludge, and the diameter of suspended solids such as material, using about 3 months to replace. 2, 3 granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter (compression Carbon) 4, RO membrane filter, the core part of the pure water machine, filter precision can be up to 0. 0001μ M, filters out water is used to drink directly. 5, silver rear activated carbon filter, this filter containing silver ions, fossils, main effect is to increase water sterilization and taste. Buy household pure water machine is commonly used five filter of pure water machine. The use of low voltage switch: to prevent pump idling. When there is no running water or water hours, low pressure switch, the use of pure water machine automatic power off to avoid burn out circuit board. The high voltage switch, is used to control the pure water machine work. There wasn't enough when pressure barrels in the inland waters, high voltage switch closed open circuit began to water. When the pressure inside the bucket of water system with high pressure switch, disconnect circuit, water full stop. Pressure pump: for RO membrane increased pressure. RO membrane filtration precision is high, it is necessary to pressure water pump to the inside of the pure water machine increase pressure, so that the inside of the machine to filter out water. Water electromagnetic valve: when pressure bucket full, high voltage switch open circuit, the machine automatically stop the water. At the same time, the water solenoid valve will cut off the water, prevent the inside of the water purifier filter by water pressure, waste water flow. Rinse solenoid valve, in order to avoid pollution of uv water purifier machine manufacturing residues in RO membrane surface, at the same time in the system of water use water to flush of RO membrane, prolong the service life of RO membrane. Control panel: used to display the working state of the pure water machine. Display is water, or backwash, and TDS value of filter water value. Pressure bucket: used for water storage. When user water ahead of time, water directly start switch is used. In addition, there are some ball valve, check valve, check valve, tee, transformers, faucet and so on small accessories, here not introduce one by one, if you need pure water machine, water purifiers and other water treatment equipment, please contact us.
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