What are the influence factors of reverse osmosis membrane

by:Tepro     2020-12-09
Reverse osmosis membrane is the core of the reverse osmosis device, the quality of reverse osmosis membrane is directly related to the whole equipment system of water quality, and the factors affecting the performance of the reverse osmosis membrane mainly include: temperature, pressure, raw water TDS, etc. The following detailed explain for everybody: what are the factors affecting the performance of reverse osmosis membrane? (1) the influence of the temperature of raw water temperature on water rate has very big effect, different water temperature, its activity is different, through the reverse osmosis membrane ability is different, so the water temperature rises, water rate will rise sharply, the water temperature falls, water rate also declined dramatically. So in different season, raw water temperature can make a big difference, reverse osmosis membrane water rate will change in a large scale, this is normal phenomenon, for example: in the summer, the raw water temperature may rise to about 30 ℃, reverse osmosis membrane water rate could be increased by about 60%. In winter, the raw water temperature dropped to 4 ℃, water activity is poor at this time, the reverse osmosis membrane water rate decreases about 50%. (2) the influence of the pressure increase, the pure water production increased significantly, desalination rate increased, but rises to a certain value, desalination rate to maintain & ndash; Basic constant value, is not affected by pressure change. (3) the influence of the recovery of uv water purifier ratio on water rate without too much direct impact. However, in the same water purification system, improve the proportion of pure water, traffic will drop, after the pump pressure rise, uv water purifier production increase, but the service life of reverse osmosis membrane will shorten. If the lower proportion of uv water purifier, the total flow rise, after the pump pressure drop, pure water production decline, although can prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane, but water waste is serious, all pure water proportion to fixed within a reasonable range, the general control about '0. The method relies on choose different flow-limiting valve door adjustment. (4) original water quality pollution is commonly two aspects, inorganic and organic pollution. Inorganic pollution including flocculent particles, crystal, etc. Organic pollution is mostly organic polymer and microorganisms. Should be according to the water quality situation around the filter together. If darker pollutants, deep yellow, relish, organic pollution is serious, shall be appropriately increased pre-processing such as PP filter. If the pollutant is white crystal, hard dissolved salts, for inorganic contaminants. At this time should consider to replace the small reverse osmosis membrane water flux or increase flow-limiting valve flow, so that the water flow through the membrane surface concentration is reduced, does not produce crystal. 5 preposition filter if pre-processing filter filtration precision, filter material can not meet the requirements, will not be able to larger particles impurities in raw water, colloid, suspended solids, organic pollutants effectively intercepting, will cause qualitative into membrane water reduce, increase of reverse osmosis membrane filtration pressure, causing membrane block within a short period of time, elevated TDS, etc. 6 wastewater valve valve wastewater quality directly affects the recovery rate of reverse osmosis, the corresponding portion of the waste water valve is not in conformity with the requirements. According to the principle of reverse osmosis membrane, in the manufacture of pure water at the same time requires a certain amount of waste water discharge and so on the waste water of reverse osmosis membrane mouth must be connected with the metering valves, flow-limiting valve flow is closely related to the water flow of reverse osmosis membrane, generally the proportion of water and wastewater treatment design for '0, if waste water quantity is too high, on the one hand, waste of water resources, on the one hand can make the water pressure is reduced, results in the decrease of pure water hydraulic discharge; If waste water volume is too low, can make the higher concentration of water in the reverse osmosis membrane, after more than saturation concentration, can produce inorganic crystal, crystal may clog the diaphragm, which reduces the short-term lining water yield, jam. 7) check valve check valve for the reason of the manufacturing process, a lot of internal valve core products are prone to fall off, no reverse section water performance, the part fails, will directly affect the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. In the design of reverse osmosis equipment, as well as a one-way valve parts can't be ignored, because of reverse osmosis membrane water rate is small, generally is 200 ml/min, such a small water rate far cannot satisfy the needs of people's lives, must add a water storage device & ndash; Pressure type, the water tank inside the water tank pressure to a certain extent, its efficacy is when water in the bucket of water out and connected to the reverse osmosis membrane water outlet end, was installed in the outlet check valve, the water can only flow from reverse osmosis membrane to the pressure barrel, not reverse flow. Problems once check valve, backflow phenomenon will occur, when the pure water side pressure exceeds strong lateral water pressure 5 pis, diaphragm may tear, membrane damage usually occurs in the outer edge of each glue line, the damage is irreparable. Today main role is to overcome the osmotic pressure booster pump booster pump, so as to ensure the normal of the reverse osmosis process. If the pressure is too large or in excess of the membrane under pressure, which can easily damage the ultrafiltration membrane, caused irreparable damage. On the contrary, if the pressure is too small, short of the use of reverse osmosis membrane pressure, reverse osmosis membrane water rate will be greatly reduced. When choosing a booster pump, need to consider the booster pump flow and pressure and the flow of reverse osmosis membrane is match.
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