What are the characteristics of imported electronic ballasts

by:Tepro     2021-05-31
When it comes to ballasts, everyone will not feel unfamiliar. Although its size is not large, its role is very important. Because the energy consumption of the ballast directly determines the energy-saving indicators of the electrical appliances, its performance The level is very critical. Many customers want to know what are the differences between imported electronic ballasts and traditional ballasts, so what are the specific characteristics of imported electronic ballasts? The following editor will give you a specific introduction. 1. Imported electronic ballasts have improved the defects of traditional ballasts in light strobe. Traditional ballasts have serious strobes, so they have many adverse effects on human eyesight and photographic lighting. Imported electronic The ballast improves the quality of the lighting source, and can meet the different needs of a variety of environments in use, and the overall quality level is more welcomed by many customers. 2. Imported electronic ballasts also have the characteristics of energy saving. Although the ballast is only a component in the lighting equipment, in fact its energy consumption is relatively large, and the power consumed by ordinary inductive ballasts is very high. The power consumption of imported electronic ballast is about half of that of ordinary inductive ballasts. Therefore, it effectively saves energy and helps to develop clean and environmentally-friendly electrical appliances. It complies with my country’s requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, and is influenced by my country’s energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Policy encouraged. 3. Imported electronic ballasts also have the characteristics of long service life and low failure rate. Under normal use, the imported electronic ballast rarely suffers accidental damage and has a long service life, which is also one of its main characteristics. Especially for some long-term use of lighting uv water purifier equipment, the use of imported electronic ballasts requires very little effort and money in repair and maintenance. At present, there is a great demand for imported electronic ballasts in the market, especially in some companies and production companies. There are a large number of imported electronic ballasts orders every year. After many years of customer purchase experience, it has always had a good customer reputation. And industry reputation. If you need to know more about this information, you can do a more in-depth understanding through the website of Technology Co., Ltd.
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