What are the application scope of uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-04-14
Ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology in the 1980 s began to popular in foreign countries, and is more superiority than traditional chlorine disinfection, because in the process of chlorine disinfection process will form a kind of chlorine compounds in water, is a kind of carcinogenic substance, but also can produce peculiar smell. And the mature uv sterilization technology can completely solve the worries of traditional, is widely used in various industries. The application of uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp 1, ultraviolet ray can seriously damage human body skin, so don't use in some places, do not use the eyes look straight tubes in the work, because of the short wave ultraviolet ray can't through the common glass, so wear glasses can reduce eyes hurt. 2, although the intensity of pressure and ultraviolet (uv) still has its relevance, but not directly represent the intensity of uv light, the intensity of the ultraviolet (uv) cannot be judged with the naked eye. 3, ultraviolet rays can only be transmitted along a straight line, penetrating ability is weak, any piece of paper, lead glass, plastic, illuminate intensity will be greatly reduced. So when sterilization should be fully exposed to ultraviolet light disinfection areas, wipe the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp on a regular basis, so as not to affect the penetration rate and exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays intensity; 4, each kind of microorganism has its specific uv to kill, death dose standards, its dose is irradiation intensity and irradiation time, the product of the ultraviolet irradiation dose depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet (uv) size and the length of the irradiation time, high strength and low strength of short time for a long time of the effect is the same; 5, quartz tubes in use after a period of time will gradually aging, ultraviolet radiation intensity attenuation, can also occur to achieve thorough sterilization effect, should be replaced regularly check and ultraviolet germicidal uv lamp. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology is widely used for its own advantages in water treatment industry, hospitals, schools, cinemas, buses, office, etc. Ultraviolet (uv) in the running process can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ion, can not only purify air, also has a clear mildew and other peculiar smell.
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