What are the application of ultraviolet lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-07-05

uv everywhere all the time. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, but in the sunshine outdoor and indoor can also find it. Even your office or school of fluorescent lamp will emit ultraviolet! Small doses of ultraviolet radiation is safe. However, large dose use may cause eye and skin damage. With a high intensity of ultraviolet to in many different substances found in fluorescent is very useful. Fluorescence is light, The absence of heat source the light) , including specific material in light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation, under the stimulus of visible light. Interesting facts! Fluorescence is named after the rock! Ultraviolet (uv) for laboratory every day, the doctor's office, forensic crime scene investigation and critical infrastructure non-destructive evaluation of numerous applications.

the following is a short list of many special applications use ultraviolet: arson fire inspectors can actually see the promoter is not the consumption of fire residues. Under ultraviolet light, wall, floor, furniture and carpet chemical fuel carbon residue immediately visible. Art check uv react differently with different materials. Using ultraviolet light, collectors can protect themselves from art fraud. Ultraviolet (uv) can be used for the detection of art, furniture and other maintenance situation of collection, such as marble, ivory, pottery and textiles. Ultraviolet ray also can detect the Stone Age ( If recent carved marble emit bright purple fluorescent, whereas if aging emit white marble fluorescence) 。 Beauty: skin ultraviolet therapy can treat a variety of skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, Skin pigment loss, usually white patches on the skin) , persistent itch and other problems. Ultraviolet (uv) light therapy is usually in medical clinics, but can also be managed by a licensed professional beauty spa. The scene of the crime check: forensic depends heavily on the lamp to find fingerprints and blood and other body fluids. Use high intensity ultraviolet lamp can make the crime scene investigators and forensic laboratories to see the use of fluorescent material form the fingerprint. When exposed to ultraviolet light, fluid and blood samples treated by fluorescence will shine brightly and easy to observe. Counterfeit detection: ultraviolet light scanner to make different U. S. currency denomination specific colors of light, and money is real money or counterfeit currency will be shown. Document validation: with no visible fluorescence labeling driver's license, passport, credit card and many other official documents become visible, and can be by security professionals under uv light to verify quickly and easily.

the environmental investigation: illegal dumping of chemical waste is a dangerous problem. Ultraviolet (uv) can indicate whether on land or in water exist hydrocarbon ( The main components of the oil and gas) To assist in environmental investigation. Trace dye for other substances, can be used with uv light. Some radioactive substances will glow. Gem and mineral check gem stones and gems fluorescence is the impurities or the result of the absorption of ultraviolet (uv) radiation structure defects. Gemologists, jewelers and collector using ultraviolet fluorescence to identify gems, or identify gems is for heat treatment. Non-destructive testing: small make up to provide a series of powerful multi-functional fluorescent lamp examination, including convenient flashlight ultraviolet lamp, portable uv lamp and wide beam floodlight ultraviolet lamp. The uv lamp in advance with liquid penetrant or magnetic particles treated on the surface, the particles would fluoresce under uv light, so as to expose the any defects of material being inspected. Air, oil and gas industry, mining, welding, manufacturing plants and military department check to use nondestructive testing technology to examine all critical infrastructure. Pest control/food and agriculture: in order to determine the existence of rodents, inspectors with ultraviolet wavelengths of light lit up the related area. Rodent urine and hair is blue and white glow, easily when food bag or mixed with food grain identified. In addition, the mold on some grain will also fluoresce. Again into the validation: security experts need to track visitors and guests in a public place, including party, theme park, racetrack, concerts, stadiums, clubs, bazaar, theatre and similar places, as well as the polling station, swimming pool and private club.

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