What are the advantages of uv sterilizer,

by:Tepro     2020-06-25
Six of the advantages of uv sterilizer 1. Efficient sterilization broad spectrum uv sterilizer in the current of all the disinfection technology, a broad spectrum of sterilization is high. It for almost all of the bacteria and viruses can efficiently kill. And for some great harm to human, and chlorine gas can't or can't effectively kill parasite class ( Recessive package such as cysticercosis cryptosporidium, jia first giardia giardia, etc. ) Can effectively kill. 2. No secondary pollution because of ultraviolet disinfection technology can be controlled as is just, and do not add any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution of water body and the surrounding environment. Don't change the water any ingredients. With the organic matter in water for chlorine disinfection of organochlorine has been recognized as have carcinogenic effect to human body, and water containing chlorine compounds might be counterproductive in some cases, to produce harm of organism and water environment in the water. 3. uv sterilizer system running safe, reliable traditional disinfection technologies such as using chloride, the disinfectant itself is belong to highly toxic, flammable, explosive material. The use of these substances around the operating field personnel, as well as the potential threat environment and residents, need to be especially careful. China's public security, fire control and environmental protection department is strictly for the use of these high-risk material transport saving and operation rules. All of these greatly increase the grass-roots unit using the leadership, the psychological burden of operators and the surrounding residents and insecurity. uv sterilizer system there is no such security hidden danger, it is a kind of relative to surrounding environment and operating personnel the disinfection technology much more safe and reliable. 4. Operation maintenance simple, low cost is always an efficient technology and the high cost, high operating cost associated. However, uv technology was an exception. Since the ninety s, the improvement of the core technology of uv ultraviolet disinfection technology not only disinfection efficiency is high, all disinfection methods and disinfection operation simple maintenance and operation cost, lowest in one thousand tons capacity level can achieve even lower water 4 li yuan per ton, therefore, its cost performance is high of all disinfection technology. It has unmatched by other disinfection technology in high efficiency, and possesses the advantages of low cost and operating cost. In one thousand tons of water processing level, it costs only 1/2 of chlorine disinfection, is 2/5 of the chloride and chlorine disinfection off, even in the one hundred thousand tons of capacity level, ultraviolet disinfection equipment investment and running cost is much lower than other disinfection technology. 5. Covers an area of small, no noise ultraviolet disinfection equipment for processing 80 tons of water per hour, covering an area of only 1. 7 meters & times; Diameter of 0. 3 meters, if reserve enough space, department altogether 4 square meters of operating space. If treatment is reduced, equipment covers an area of less volume. In addition, ultraviolet disinfection lamps equipment if by scoop water supply ( No pump) , will not produce any noise. 6. Continuous big water disinfection in the late ninety s the other characteristics of the technique of ultraviolet disinfection purification system is 365 days a year, continuous operation 24 hours a day. In addition to need one or two hours on a regular basis of routine maintenance, its operating conditions is 24 hours of continuous operation. Large water disinfection is another major feature of the modern uv. In addition to small water disinfection, Dozens of litres per hour) The amount of water, also can disinfect.
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