What are the advantages of UV disinfection?

by:Tepro     2021-02-27
has a wide range of applications. It is usually used for disinfection of air and water, which is economical and safe. Its advantages are as follows: 1. It has no impurities, basically does not change the physical and chemical properties of water, and the water temperature does not affect the disinfection effect; 2. There is no need to add disinfection substances that will produce disinfection by-products in the water, even if over-treatment generally does not produce water quality Problems; 3. The sterilization range is wide and rapid, and the processing time is short. Under a certain radiation intensity, the general pathogenic microorganisms can be killed in only ten seconds; 5. Easy to operate and manage, quiet and low noise, and can be designed to realize an automated system Equipment operation and maintenance; 6. The operation and management are relatively safe, and there are basically no safety hazards that may be caused by the use, transportation and storage of other chemicals; u003cbru003eApplication of ultraviolet disinfection in air purifier u003cbru003eUltraviolet disinfection is an economical, practical, easy to use, safe and effective disinfection method, so it is widely used in all walks of life in society. In recent years, we have analyzed various problems and conducted research and improvement to make the use of ultraviolet disinfection more convenient and reasonable, and the disinfection effect more real and reliable. Install or place air purifiers with ultraviolet disinfection lamps devices in hospital departments, companies, homes, cars, school classrooms, etc. to continuously circulate the indoor air, which can make the microorganisms and harmful gases in the indoor air be destroyed by ultraviolet rays. To achieve the role of disinfection and purification.
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