What are the advantages of the ultraviolet radiation sterilization processes?

by:Tepro     2020-04-17
Ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology in the sewage treatment has a lot of successful engineering examples. Ultraviolet ray technology for high concentration, but poor biochemical effluent discharges of industrial wastewater with strong oxidation ability. Uv technology with unique advantages is widely used in swimming pool, business process water oxidation and disinfection treatment, special fields such as oil field water injection, hospital wastewater disinfection treatment. Ultraviolet (uv) technology is used for drinking water disinfection, can have the first insect eradication jia and cryptosporidium, is an important technology guarantee the quality of the drinking water. 1 uv light sterilizer technology has the following advantages, uv disinfector operation safe and reliable: the traditional disinfection technologies such as the use of chloride or ozone, the disinfectant itself is belong to flammable material, and there is no such security hidden danger of ultraviolet disinfection system; 2, ultraviolet disinfection technology has high efficient sterilization: use ultraviolet disinfection of bacteria, viruses, usually in one to two seconds can reach more than 99% of the sterilization rate; 3, ultraviolet disinfection has efficient broad-spectrum sterilization: uv sterilization broad spectrum is of the highest, it for almost all of the bacteria, viruses can efficiently kill; 4, ultraviolet disinfection device running low maintenance cost: uv light sterilizer equipment covers an area of small, simple structure requirement, so the total investment is less; 5, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment, no secondary pollution, ultraviolet radiation sterilization not join any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution in the water body and the surrounding environment, do not change the water any ingredients. Ultraviolet (uv) technology to reduce the TOC is mainly used in high technology industry and laboratory equipment. Ultraviolet (uv) for the residual ozone treatment is very effective, it can put the ozone decomposition into oxygen, eliminate the influence of ozone water on subsequent working procedure. Now the characteristics of the ultraviolet radiation sterilization and performance advantages has been widely recognized, ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology in the field of water treatment will have more extensive application prospect.
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