What are the advantages of modern ultraviolet disinfection technology?

by:Tepro     2020-06-27
originally applied in the United States, due to the short contact time, takes up less space, and does not produce harmful to human and animal by-products, therefore is considered a traditional liquid chlorine disinfection is the best alternative. In 1986, the United States environmental protection agency ( EPA) on wastewater disinfection design manual, further promoted the process of the alternative chemical disinfection ultraviolet disinfection. The advantage of modern ultraviolet disinfection technology ( 1) Efficient sterilization ultraviolet disinfection sterilization disinfector is of high efficiency, ultraviolet C function of killing bacteria, viruses, generally within 1 second, the traditional method of chlorine and ozone, ultraviolet C sterilization effect typically take 20 minutes to 1 hour. ( 2) Efficient sterilization broad spectrum of ultraviolet C technology in the current disinfection technology, broad spectrum of sterilization is quite high, it for almost all of the bacteria and viruses can efficiently kill, and to some harm is bigger, and the concentration of chlorine and ozone disinfection in water may be difficult to effectively kill within protozoa can effectively kill. ( 3) No secondary pollution due to ultraviolet C technology does not add any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution in the water body and the surrounding environment, do not change the water any ingredients. And for chlorine disinfection, if the water contains a lot of organic matter, its produce organochlorines have carcinogenic effect to human body, and water containing chlorine compounds in some instances, the water harmful organisms, plants and water environment. ( 4) Safe and reliable operation of the traditional disinfection technologies such as using chlorine or ozone, the disinfectant belongs to highly toxic, flammable, explosive or corrosive substances, the use of these substances must be especially careful, modern uv disinfection system is a kind of water on the surrounding environment and operation personnel is relatively safe and reliable technology. At home, although the project has gradually started to use uv systems, but for ultraviolet disinfection technology research has not completely started, for ultraviolet disinfection lamps application in sewage treatment and there are many problems, such as: ( 1) Because our country sewage treatment plant effluent water quality is very different from home and abroad, the influence factors of ultraviolet disinfection is so much, how to better play to the performance of ultraviolet disinfection system; ( 2) At present in domestic use ultraviolet disinfection system is a small sewage treatment plant, how to better application to large sewage treatment plants; ( 3) Traditional chlorine contact pool has been confirmed that can be converted into uv disinfection system, but the longer the channel to make the resurrection light effect is obvious, how to reduce this effect; ( 4) Using the method of ultraviolet disinfection technology and other disinfection combination, whether can be flexible used in other industrial wastewater treatment, and so on. All these need further research, and constantly the popularization and application.
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