What are the advantages of LED UV disinfection lamps?

by:Tepro     2021-07-22
LED ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps can change the composition of the crystal, adjust the wavelength of deep ultraviolet, contain no mercury, environmental protection, and have long life. It has become a deep ultraviolet germicidal ultraviolet lamp that UVC LED disinfection lamp manufacturers vigorously develop. Although the advantages of sterilization and disinfection lamps using LED solid-state light sources are very large, why hasn't it been popularized so far? TANK007 UV disinfection lamp manufacturers tell you why high-efficiency disinfection lamps have not completely replaced low-pressure mercury germicidal lamps. Current status of the application of UV LED ultraviolet lamps At present, UV LED ultraviolet technology is still dominated by long-wave ultraviolet rays, namely UVA LEDs. Such as application in the fields of UV glue curing, anti-counterfeiting detection, uv water purifier equipment leak detection, criminal investigation and UV printing. Compared with the mature long-wave ultraviolet UVA LED, the current status of UVC LED technology is still in the development stage. On the one hand, UVC LED chip manufacturing process is less difficult than IC, but it is much more difficult than visible light in the wavelength band above 400nm. The main reason is that short-wave ultraviolet LEDs have very high requirements for luminescent materials. For example, long-wave ultraviolet LED (365-405nm) uses GaN and InGaN with high luminous efficiency. However, short-wave ultraviolet rays such as UVB and UVC must use AlGaN materials. AlGaN materials have very low luminous efficiency, while gallium nitride and indium gallium nitride materials are not suitable for short-wave ultraviolet rays, because these two materials will absorb ultraviolet light. The current limitation of luminescent materials is the bottleneck of UVC LED uv lamp technology breakthrough. According to the overall situation of the industry, the luminous efficiency of short-wave ultraviolet UVB and UVC LED ultraviolet lamps is nearly 10%-20% of that of UVA ultraviolet lamps. The prospect of short-wave ultraviolet disinfection lamps The current UVA LED ultraviolet lamp flashlight market has reached 400 to 600 million US dollars. Affected by the epidemic, the UVC LED market will grow to between 600 million and 700 million US dollars. Although short-term UVC LED germicidal ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps still face the defects of low luminous material efficiency, high manufacturing costs, and relatively low output power, I believe that with the impact of the 2020 epidemic, the industry will gradually overcome these problems. LED deep ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps will eventually Will usher in a blowout.
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