What are the advantage integration of sewage treatment equipment?

by:Tepro     2020-12-16
We talked before for sewage, we can use the integrated sewage treatment equipment to get rid of this kind of wastewater, today, we come to know what are the advantages of the integrated sewage treatment equipment? 1, high automatic degree, through the use of advanced PLC control technology, the integration of sewage treatment equipment is highly intelligent. 2, cover an area of an area small, equipment, concise, simple installation, maintenance is convenient. 3, good water quality, according to different water quality and custom, make the water quality standard is stable and reliable. 4, low running cost, using low energy equipment and optimized process, reducing power, dosage, make the operation cost is small. 5, wide applicable scope: widely used in rural sewage, hospital, school, scenic spots, slaughtered catering, farming, food, the expressway service area and so on. Buy source water treatment equipment selection of uv water purifier treatment equipment co. , LTD. , water treatment equipment manufacturers, we are specialized in water treatment engineering of high and new technology enterprise. The main production and operation ultrafiltration system ( UF) , micro filter system ( MF / CMF) , reverse osmosis membrane water treatment system ( RO) , continuous electric ion system ( EDI) , ion exchange system ( MB) , membrane bioreactor ( MBR) Electrodialysis (, EDI) , all kinds of filtration equipment and related water treatment equipment.
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