What about the plant size of Tepro?
At Tepro (China) Co., Ltd., we have a complete set of production equipment and have a team of strong capabilities. This allows our plant to be capable of each order processing within two months. Now the production is just equal to the annual demand. We would like to construct new production lines and to enlarge the plant size, under the circumstance that the uv water filter is demanded and the industry chain is extended further.

From the outset, Tepro was an export-oriented company specialized in infrared lamp. The infrared lamp series is one of the main products of Tepro. The quality of Teprouvb fluorescent tube is guaranteed. It undergoes a field site test to check its sunlight absorptivity, energy storage as well as its energy utilization. Its UV light decay during life is only 20--30%. The product has been praised by the customers in the global market and become more applicable. Ultrapure quartz is the raw material for the glass tube of this product.

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