We pay attention to use ultraviolet lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-07-02

the people all know that often it is not good to the skin is exposed to the sun, it is easy to suffer from skin diseases. Is because of the presence of ultraviolet light, but things are two sides to everything. Because a lot of building materials market, or is the need of all kinds of semiconductor, people also produce various kinds of uv lamp, is used in many places in the most ideal light source.

but people in the use of ultraviolet lamp, also should pay attention to not frequently in a short time by pressing a key, this will make the life of the bulb. Each of these things after a long time use also have sundry, so to speak tubes after each time cleaning, dust cover will affect the light bulb.

when take in tubes, also should pay attention to not be able to hand touch of quartz glass directly, or it will affect the function of the lamp uv lamp although can kill many bacteria exist in life, but also will cause harm to people's physical, should avoid direct exposure to the human body.

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