Water treatment problems of ultraviolet disinfection sterilization

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
Ultraviolet ray application in water treatment has a history of decades. But because of its technology is complex, expensive, make its application is restricted. In the seventy s this century, due to the worsening of water pollution and the improvement of public health awareness, forcing people to on the basis of traditional water treatment process to adopt new methods, ensure the safety of water supply water quality conforms to the more drinking water standards. After nearly 20 years of research and practice, with ultraviolet germicidal lamp is given priority to, consisting of a composite application technology, be the first choice of the depth of the water purification technology. Most uv water treatment equipment using traditional low-pressure uv lamp technology, there are also some large waterworks adopts low-voltage high intensity of ultraviolet lamp system and medium voltage high intensity of ultraviolet lamp, due to the high intensity of ultraviolet ray may make lamp quantity reduced by more than 90%, so as to narrow the area, save the installation and maintenance cost, and make the ultraviolet disinfection method also apply to poor water quality of effluent. But using water treatment of ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp has also kept a few questions: - 1) Ultraviolet disinfection method cannot provide the rest of the sterilization ability, when dealing with water after leaving the reactor, some by uv damage under light revival mechanism of microbes will repair the damage the DNA molecule, regenerates the bacteria. Therefore, to further study the principle and conditions of the resurrection, determine the minimum avoid light raised ultraviolet light intensity, time or dose. ( 2) The work of cleaning the quartz tube outer wall is the key to the operation and maintenance. When sewage flows through uv disinfector, there are many inorganic impurities will precipitate, adhesion in the outside casing wall. Especially when organic matter is high concentrated in water is more likely to form the membrane fouling, and easy to grow microbial biofilm formation, these can inhibit the transmission of ultraviolet ray, affect disinfection effect. Therefore, must according to the different water quality using reasonable scaling prevention measures and cleaning device, is developed which has the function of automatic cleaning uv sterilizer. ( 3) At present domestic water treatment germicidal lamp uv lamp execution ZhiGuanXing low-pressure mercury quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp of national industry standards, the lamp of the maximum power of 500 w, and effective life generally for 5000 h, and imports of low-pressure lamp effective run time of up to 8000 ~ 12000 h, medium pressure tube also can reach 5000 ~ 6000 h. Use domestic tubes, by contrast, will increase maintenance costs, therefore, the development and production life long uv lamp or the introduction of foreign advanced uv lamp directly production technology is the problem to be solved. Guangzhou morning ao technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of all kinds of water treatment with uv germicidal lamp, with good craft, relatively speaking, the quality and performance is stable. ( 4) Uv disinfection system bidding sewage plant in our country current, some due to a large number of import of industrial wastewater, sewage factory makes the discharge of sewage chroma deepened, but the sewage ultraviolet transmittance parameters in the tender documents provide numerical still adopted abroad, with domestic sewage actual condition difference is very big, the operation of the uv equipment meet the disinfection requirements for the future, left a formidable obstacles.
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