Water treatment equipment, high pressure pump considerations

by:Tepro     2020-12-05
The original water tank, the original water pump, pretreatment system, reverse osmosis systems, high pressure pumps, precision filter, sterilization equipment is a complete set of water treatment process flow, raw water through layer upon layer step, finally to produce pure water. Want to achieve high quality water must pass through the membrane filtration, need under the action of high pressure pump, thereby giving certain pressure, the water can pass through a membrane. High pressure pump is composed of motor, coupling, reducer, transmission parts, pump head, the public base and so on, after electricity, drive the various components. High pressure pump with high pressure rated, compact structure, the advantages of high efficiency and convenient flow control, etc. The existence of the high pressure pump is the key process of water treatment equipment, no high-pressure pump water treatment equipment, water can't through the reverse osmosis membrane filtration, and thus will not want water purification effect. High pressure pump is to provide the required water rate and water quality of reverse osmosis infiltration seepage system pressure, the filtering water after pump body arrived at 10 kilograms of pressure, in order to meet the feed water pressure of membrane body, guarantee the water yield of pure water. In reverse osmosis system with the water treatment equipment, be sure to remember high-pressure pump before pressure not less than zero, but high pressure pump is equipped with pressure protection switch. High pressure pump at run time must be under the condition of the water, otherwise, the dry, will burn out the body, and the use of high pressure pump voltage is 380 v. When run pure uv water purifier, when the water reach the setting level start raw water booster pump, delay 3 seconds later, start the high pressure pump, when the water level is less than, pressure will become low, will system start alarm stop at this moment.
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