Water treatment And Purification Principle Of High Ozone Ultraviolet Lamp In Waste Gas

Water treatment And Purification Principle Of High Ozone Ultraviolet Lamp In Waste Gas


The disinfection principle of water treatment high-ozone ultraviolet lamp:

When the TOC water treatment lamp is used for irradiating water with an ultraviolet spectrum with a high ozone wavelength of 185 nm, an intermediate HO-and eaq (water-in-electron) can be generated in a range that can be irradiated by the ultraviolet light of 185 nm, The degradation and mineralization of the organic matter in the water are caused, the TOC concentration of the organic matter is reduced, and the water quality can be purified. At the same time, after a certain dose of irradiation of various bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens in water, the DNA structure in the cells is destroyed, The bacteria and the virus in the water and the like do not generate secondary pollution, and the sterilization has the advantages of wide spectrum, high efficiency and economy, and is superior to other traditional disinfection methods.


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The purification principle of the waste gas treatment high-ozone ultraviolet lamp is as follows:

After the stench gas is input into the purification equipment by using the exhaust equipment, the purification equipment uses high energy UV (ultraviolet) beam and ozone to decompose and oxidize the stench gas, so that the stench gas substance can be degraded and converted into low molecular compound, water and carbon dioxide, and then discharged outdoors through the exhaust pipe. The molecular bond of bacteria in stench gas was cracked by high energy UV beam, and the nucleic acid (DNA), of bacteria was destroyed and oxidized by ozone, so as to completely deodorize and kill bacteria.

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