Water softening characteristics of what?

by:Tepro     2020-11-12
Softening of water is called water softening water equipment, what is the distinguishing feature of soft water? With small make up to understand together, soft water has a lot of you think the advantages of less than? What is specific? Grilled come with small make up a steak. 1. Demineralized water equipment such as principle of soft water can make coffee, strong tea, taste good, pure flavor. Flowers, extend the flowering period, leaves no spots, gorgeous flowers. Fish, prevent all kinds of fish diseases. Soft water cook full, soft, good taste; Sanitary ware, glittering and translucent get rid of, no stain spots. 2. Softening water equipment such as the principle of soft water can prevent water pipes, water heater, coffee machine, humidifier, steam electric iron, bathtub, shower, toilet and other household appliances product leaves scale, often blocked, low thermal efficiency. 3. Demineralized uv water purifier such as Richard after the guarantee period of the soft water can prolong tofu, soy milk more aromatic, bean sprouts without auxin, growing strong. Wash dish to remove pesticide ingredients, extend the vegetable freshness. Cooking, shorten time, grain soft smooth, pasta is not easy to expand. Cooking, keep the natural taste and nutrition of the vegetables. 4. Softening water equipment such as the principle of soft water fundamentally eliminate the thermonatrite, make the safe operation of the equipment, and save money spending, reduce the water equipment and pipeline maintenance costs by more than 60%, reduce the hot fuel by more than 30%, reduce detergent purchase expense by more than 50%. 5. Demineralized water equipment such as principle of soft water to wash clothes, to prevent electrostatic, decoloring, variant, wash dishes, clean without watermarks, glossiness improve vessels. Cleaning the kitchen bathroom, strong decontamination, in addition to the peculiar smell. Has strong detergency. Soft water washing clothing fibers, not hard, brittle, save cleaning products. 6. Demineralized uv water purifier such as principle of soft water can effectively inhibit fungi, promote wound healing, reduce constipation, gastrointestinal and calculus disease risk. Skin injury, frostbite, burns and such an accident, the first to use soft water wash affected area, and to soak cotton wool, gauze, towels and other soft water, dab, affected part can be fast healing wounds, and burns caused by edema disappeared immediately, this is because the soft water has promote tissue regeneration. Can effectively inhibit fungal promote tissue regeneration. Skin injury, frostbite, burns and such an accident, washed with water softener can be rapid healing of the wound.
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