Water reuse technology of the equipment

by:Tepro     2020-12-18
Water reuse is living community, building community, hotels, nursing homes, buildings in areas such as a common uv water purifier equipment, both to save water resources, and to control pollution. Water, is a has been used, the pollution of water after treatment and reach a certain standard, thus for repeated use of non-potable water, meet the requirements of modern society for environmental protection. Water reuse process is mainly: raw water & rarr; Grille & rarr; Adjust the pool & rarr; Lift pump & rarr; Bioreactor & rarr; Circulating pump & rarr; Membrane module & rarr; Disinfection device & rarr; Water storage pool & rarr; Water in the water system and its technological advantages as follows: 1. Can carry on the purification of water, high efficiency, steady and doesn't produce peculiar smell 2. Automated processing, simple process, structure which can realize the integration of 3. Make full use of the land area, saving the cost of operation, investment, 4. Sludge to achieve dynamic balance, no discharge of sludge
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