Water Purifier News

Water Purifier News


The ultraviolet water purifier is used for sterilizing the water body flowing through the reaction chamber through the short-wave ultraviolet light with the central radiation wavelength of 253.7 nm in the built-in ultraviolet lamp, so as to solve the problem of over-standard of the drinking water bacterial index, The quality of the water to be polluted by the bacteria reaches and exceeds the relevant hygienic standard of the drinking water of the state.

一、 working principle

1. The ultraviolet spectrum with a wavelength of 225-275 μ m and a peak value of 254 μ m has a high energy. It can destroy the nucleic acid structure of microorganisms and has a strong bactericidal effect, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection.


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2.The equipment can effectively kill Escherichia coli, dysentery bacteria, regiment bacteria, influenza virus, hepatitis virus and so on, so that the water quality can be purified.

3. The bacterial rate of all kinds of viruses in seawater, fresh water or other water bodies treated by ultraviolet water disinfection system can reach more than 99.99%.

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4. The ultraviolet water purification is to irradiate the water with a strong UV (ultraviolet) light source. This purification system can take effect quickly and there is no residue, and there is no need for any chemicals with potential hazards.

5. Professional manufacturers of water treatment systems integrate UV light sources into filtration devices. A typical complete filter has a multi-layer structure, including a UV light source and a traditional mechanical filter. The company uses a series of special light sources suitable for integration in filtration devices, ballasts and casing to achieve ultraviolet water purification. This easy-to-use and easy-to-install technology protects communities from the threat of diseases caused by microbes such as bacteria and viruses carried by water. The company provides solutions suitable for different market needs to meet the needs of residents and municipal water, wastewater treatment, industrial water, swimming pools and other leisure facilities of special needs and installation requirements.

6. As shown, the UV water purifier adopts the integrated design of the controller and the water processor (if necessary, it can be specially designed into a split type). The controller is composed of a UV lamp working indication circuit, a programmable time controller, a time accumulation controller and an electronic ballast; the water processor part is composed of a closed pressure cylinder, an inlet and exit water pipe, an automatic cleaning quartz casing, a UV lamp tube and a heat sink on the left and right side of the lamp tube.

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一.Scope of application

1. A water supply system with rivers, lakes, ponds and wells as water sources.

2. The water supply system of high water tank and reserve reservoir.

3. Food, pharmacy, beverage and wine making industry.

4. Various water supply systems to be sterilized and disinfected.

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