Uv water sterilization equipment

by:Tepro     2020-04-08
Ultraviolet (uv) which is also called ultraviolet light, the wavelength range - in 100 400 nanometers, divided into UVA ( 315 - 400 nm) 、UVB( 280 - 315 nm) 、UVC( 200 - 280 nm) And vacuum ultraviolet ( 100 - 200 nm) 。 Ultraviolet (uv) in the electromagnetic spectrum in the violet light and x ray, with other wavelengths of the electromagnetic wave, comply with the basic laws of electromagnetic movement. Ultraviolet rays can not cause visual ( The outside of the visible light range) 。 uv water sanitizer equipment, according to the different wavelength ultraviolet ray can only reach the surface of the earth through the protective ozone layer, and the clouds UVA and UVB rays. In terms of sterilization speed, UVC in microbial absorption peak range, can be in a few seconds by destroying microbial DNA structure kill viruses and bacteria, and because UVA and UVB rays in microbial absorption peak, sterilization speed is slow, often take hours to kill bacteria. Vacuum ultraviolet penetration ability is very weak, tube and casing need to adopt high light transmittance of quartz, degradation of TOC is commonly used in the semiconductor industry, is not used for sterilization. Disinfection sterilization: through direct illuminate, ultraviolet ( Mainly refers to UVC) Can break through all sorts of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, parasites or other pathogens in the tissue DNA, RNA, prevent cells regeneration, thus has high efficient sterilization function. Photochemical: oxygen in the air under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, photolysis, produce ozone, ozone is an effective antioxidant, can kill bacteria, viruses, or the air; The water molecules in the water, ozone, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide under the radiation of ultraviolet (uv) with complicated photochemical reaction, and through the formation in the water has stronger than ozone and chlorine oxidation ability of hydroxyl free radicals, the organic pollutants, the microbial contamination in the water can be thoroughly degraded
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