UV ultraviolet the prospect of its application and described in detail

by:Tepro     2020-05-05
After the 1960 s, people began to find the traditional chlorine disinfection teratogenic, carcinogenic and mutagenic side effects, while the UV ultraviolet sterilization technology with dosing chemicals, increase water smell and taste, does not produce toxic or harmful by-products, disinfection speed, high efficiency, simple operation, easy to operation and management and the advantages of the automation is widely used. UV ultraviolet ray application situation and prospect of use in detail A, UV uv light sterilizer principle according to different biological effects, the turn the UV wavelength is divided into A band ( UV— A) , also known as the shading effect of ultraviolet radiation ( 320nm ~ 400) And (B band UV— B) Also known as uv erythema effect ( 320 ~ 275海里) , C band ( UV— C) Also known as sterilization ultraviolet ( 275 ~ 200海里) And (D band UV— D) Also known as vacuum ultraviolet ( 200 ~ 10海里) The four most. Disinfect water treatment technology is mainly used in c-band uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Ultraviolet light is mainly through to the microorganism, radiation damage the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens kill microorganisms, and the function of so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet rays can lead to the key and the function of nucleic acid chain rupture, crosslinking and photochemical products, etc. , between stocks which changed the biological activity of DNA, the microbe itself cannot be copied, until they die. Second, the applications of ultraviolet sterilization technology was first applied in the United States, ultraviolet (uv) technology has been mature in recent years, some of the sewage factory has transformed the original chlorine disinfection system into ultraviolet disinfection system. Because the UV disinfection contact time is short, to take up the space is little, can fully use the existing pool chlorine contact into ultraviolet disinfection system. Most UV device using traditional low-pressure UV lamp technology, there are also some large waterworks high strength low voltage and medium pressure ultraviolet lamp UV lamp system, due to the high intensity of ultraviolet ray can make the lamp quantity reduced by more than 90%, so as to narrow the area, save the installation and maintenance cost, and make the UV disinfection method also apply to poor water quality of effluent. 吗? Three, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment application prospect with the deep research in the mechanism of UV disinfection and UV technology and the continuous development of disinfection equipment in the design of constant progress, UV disinfection method is expected to become one of the main ways to replace traditional chlorination. After ultraviolet sterilization treatment, the wastewater can be reused in many areas, in order to realize the wastewater reuse, full use of the resources can not only, also reduced the pollution to the environment.
Given the important role played by in ensuring proper functioning of uv sterilization lamp, every individual must take an interest towards improving uv disinfection lamp.
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