UV ultraviolet operation principle and the use of the advantages and disadvantages analysis

by:Tepro     2020-05-02
Ultraviolet light is invisible to the eye, light exists in spectral violet rays on the lateral, so called uv. Ultraviolet (uv) is one of the electromagnetic radiation from the sun, is a special form of matter run, bits are not connect particles. When ultraviolet rays to microorganisms, energy transfer and accumulation, the accumulation of the results caused by microorganisms inactivated, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Operation principle of the UV ultraviolet UV sterilization principle is the use of UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation intensity, that is, the radiation intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamps made by, and is inversely proportional to the distance according to disinfect. When the irradiation intensity must be according to disinfect the longer you stay, the nearer the sterilization lamp, the better its bactericidal effect. When bacteria, viruses, absorbed more than 3600 ㎡ to 65000 uw/c dose, the DNA of bacteria, viruses and RNA has strong destructive power, can make the bacteria, viruses, loss of viability and fertility, in turn, destroy bacteria, viruses, achieve disinfection sterilization effect. Ultraviolet (uv) on the one hand can make the DNA mutations, inhibiting the replication and protein synthesis, on the other hand, produce free radicals can cause photoionization, leading to cell death. The advantages and disadvantages of uv light sterilizer technology analysis of 1, 1) advantages Ultraviolet radiation sterilization sterilization is more efficient than drugs; 2) For any microbial bacteria has good sterilization effect; 3) Ultraviolet radiation sterilization device can sterilization of air, water and other fluid. 2, 1) shortcomings Can illuminate by the ultraviolet radiation sterilization is part of the back of the object, internal't kill bacteria; 2) Sterilization line of people, animals have damage eyes, skin, can make the object color, fade. Due to the characteristics of uv uv light sterilizer line greatly superior to drugs, such as heating sterilization method, it is the necessary trend to replace the traditional sterilization technology. Through to the ultraviolet radiation sterilization experiments, bacteria number is proportional with the irradiation time. Ultraviolet (uv) in the process of sterilization does not produce secondary pollution, won't cause any pollution to the environment, so is widely used in various fields.
Collectively, the effect of uvc bulb on industrial society has been to eliminate uv sterilization lamp and drastically reduce the time long associated with uv disinfection lamp.
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