UV ultraviolet in the water treatment process requirement

by:Tepro     2020-04-17
In the face of the lack of water resources, resources recycling this topic by countries concerned. And gray water recycle can make improve the comprehensive utilization of water resources in cities, one of the most favorable way to improve water pollution. Water governance in most of the disinfection by physical and chemical method, but due to deliver a large number of agents in the front-end processing, causing bacteria, so only after uv uv light sterilizer process, the water quality can meet the provisions of the state to use or emissions standards. Water reuse many physical and chemical method is used to deal with technological process is: the raw water, grille, adjusting pool, flocculation precipitation, pool ultrafiltration membrane biofilm reactor, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device uv sterilizer technical requirements 1, water should be carried out by ultraviolet irradiation surface polishing treatment; 2, selection of low voltage electrical equipment shall conform to relevant technical requirements; 3, on the surface of the tube arrangement shall be made by the ultraviolet radiation intensity should be distributed evenly; 4, the working pressure of the pressure cylinder should be greater than zero. 60 mpa, test pressure shall be greater than zero. 90MPa; 5, sterilizer should be equipped with indicating lamp lighting, lighting the accumulative time indicates the relative instructions or uv irradiation intensity; 6, the disinfection device design should meet GB8988 'grid power supply for household and similar general use on equipment and electrical safety requirements; 7, straight tube quartz uv low pressure mercury lamp and lamp installation requirements shall comply with YY/T0160 the straight pipe form the low-pressure mercury quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp '. Water reuse treatment makes the use of the water quality after treatment reaches a certain standard, can continue to use the water again. Water not only has the lowest cost advantages, but also conducive to improve the natural ecology, water ecological virtuous circle. In the process of sterilization using mature uv technology not only operation, simple maintenance, low use cost, and does not produce secondary pollution in the operation process, ultraviolet radiation sterilization effect can achieve the goal of stable, reliable, safe.
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