Uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp to direct water dispenser disinfection treatment

by:Tepro     2020-05-01
Because now is becoming more and more developed science and technology, daily drinking water pollution is more and more serious, if using uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp disinfection procedures simple filter, which can effectively remove raw water adsorption on the surface of suspended solids, relatively large areas of bacteria. Uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp to direct water dispenser disinfection treatment when using uv light sterilizer technology, according to the species selection to direct water dispenser water amount of ultraviolet light to illuminate, it can play the preliminary effect. Special straight water dispensers containing a mixture of water and sugar solution, must first consider as the process water ( Liquid) Ultraviolet light attenuation factor, and then select the required amount of uv radiation. We all know that in the process of raw water disinfection to remove the color and smell of water is very important, but many irregular disinfection method just can eliminate the color of the water, and even smells are not eliminate, the drinking water if it is will cause greater harm to the body. Straight water dispensers to prevent the poisonous microbial pollution of ion exchange resin, so on the disinfection sterilization of raw water also has exquisite. Now straight water dispensers in one of the reasons is because the water machine adopt formal ultraviolet germicidal lamp standard disinfection process, in the process of industrial cooling water treatment, put an end to produce biological slime of circulating water. Even the make-up water for circulating water system of the filtered water to pass sterilization processing, so that people drinking water was completely conforms to the standard specifications. In order to ensure the safety of water straight water dispensers, water dispenser disinfection management is very strict, first of all in direct drinking water system before rinsing must be within the machine on instrument, when washing with short tube replacement first as far as possible, so as to make the whole process of water treatment disinfection of ultraviolet germicidal lamp is more strict. Straight drinking water disinfection pipe flushing is mostly use tap water, the velocity greatly can ensure flushing process each link are given a flush. Therefore, the water treatment industry of uv light sterilizer lamp method gradually be used by direct water dispenser, can effectively save money at the same time, and ensure the sterilization effect. And most importantly, water quality is better, and beneficial to human body health.
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