UV ultraviolet germicidal biology principle and safety performance

by:Tepro     2020-05-04
Does not add any chemicals, ultraviolet radiation sterilization disinfection effect is good and does not produce disinfection by-products such as advantage was the development and utilization of by people. is essentially a photochemical process, every grain of the wavelength of 253. 7 nm ultraviolet photons with 4. 9 the ev energy, ultraviolet photons must be absorbed is active. UV ultraviolet biological principle of ultraviolet disinfection between X-ray and visible light, ultraviolet light in physics is generally divided into vacuum ultraviolet and near ultraviolet band, according to the differences in biological effect, can be divided into UV ultraviolet ray - A( 320 - 400nm) 仍然紫外线- B( 275 - 320海里) 仍然紫外线- C( 200 - 275海里) And vacuum ultraviolet part. The application of ultraviolet UV - water treatment C technology has been proved to be efficiency highest uv sterilization. principle is based on nucleic acid to absorb ultraviolet light, the nucleic acid is the basic substance and life of all living organisms, divided into two major categories of RNA and DNA nucleic acids. When micro-organisms by ultraviolet light, absorbs uv energy, causing DNA damage, so as to prevent the DNA replication. And under the irradiation of ultraviolet ray can produce free radicals caused by photoionization, microbes can replicate, would die a natural death, will not cause a harm to human body, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. UV uv light sterilizer disinfector instructions and matters needing attention 1, no direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to the human body skin; 2, for water sterilization, the thickness of the layer should be less than 2 cm, water flow out of date to accept 90000 uw. More than S/cm2 dose can achieve the effective water disinfection; 3, ultraviolet light to the work environment temperature and humidity has certain requirements, in more than 20 ℃, irradiation intensity is relatively stable. Relative humidity below 60%, strong sterilization ability; 4, uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp starts, heating to stable state for a few minutes, should be terminal voltage is higher, should not be commonly frequent start; 5, ultraviolet tube and casing surface dirt and grease, prevents ultraviolet light through, and often should wipe with alcohol, acetone and ammonia. The characteristics of uv light sterilizer instructions: 1, simple operation, convenient maintenance; 2, cover an area of an area small, treatment of water; 3, can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and other organisms; 4, through the photolysis, can effectively degrade the chlorine in the water; 5, no pollution, environmental protection sex is strong, won't produce side effects; 6, using the principle of optical design unique wall treatment technology, to maximize the use of ultraviolet ray cavity in the body, multiply the sterilization effects.
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